It?s said that the Europeans met coffee beans for the first time, when the Ottoman army is defeated by Vienn and left their barrels back there. This story is debatable but, after all these years another Turkish brand, Kahve Dunyasi (Coffee World in Turkish) brought coffee to Europe. Kahve Dunyasi recently opened their first store in Piccadilly Square, London.

It is located just next to the biggest book retail of the UK, Waterstone and resides in a 560 m2 store. Its other neighbours are also its close competitors, Starbucks, Café Nero, Café Costa and Café Cerento. However Kahve Dunyasi has something special to distinguish from the others, Turkish hospitality. The staff at Kahve Dunyasi personally treats their costumers, introduce them to the brand and ask for feedback for their products. We also have to mention, you are welcomed to taste Turkish coffee and Turkish delight for free until Christmas!
Kahve Dunyasi is a retail brand created by the biggest cacao merchant in Turkey, Altinmarka. Altinmarka is cacao provider for global brands like Ülker, Nestle and Kraft Food.

Doing retail is not a coincidence for Altinmarka. Doesn?t matter how quality your product is you cannot sale your own brand without going to the costumer. Back in 2004, Altinmarka opens their first retail store in one of the liveliest neighborhoods of Istanbul to initiate the contact with end consumer. The positive feedback they received encourages them to open more retails nationwide. Right now, Kahve Dunyasi operates 54 retail stores and sells 550.000-600.000  cups of coffee a month. Altinmarka has recently signed a 4 million dollar deal with Istanbul?s Metro for 4 years as well. The deal will give them 15 spots in metro stations.

There?s no doubt that their affordable prices, retail concept and offerings of free handmade chocolate by coffee accelerated recognition of the brand in Turkey. We hope they can repeat their success story in England as well and replace five o?clock tea tradition of English with Turkish coffee.